Charlie is a small kitten with a big imagination. When his lion-sized curiosity gets him lost in a big city, he'll need more than a little help if he's going to find his way home.

You'll laugh out loud as you travel along with Charlie on his amazing adventures. Experience life from ground level with this unique and lovable kitten.

Adventure ONE
Charlie's Great Adventure
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Charlie's Back! That hilarious kitten returns. This time his family has decided to move, but Charlie doesn't like the idea. Adapting to cactus, scorpions, and coyotes becomes Charlie's biggest challenge yet, which he handles in his usual humorous style.

Adventure two
Charlie Moves to Arizona


Here comes trouble!

It seems like Charlie's perfect life will never be the same when his family adopts a hamster that claims to be royalty. Can he make friends with an over sized mouse, or will he be forced to (ugh!) eat her?

Adventure three
Charlie and the Rodent Queen

Charlie can never resist an adventure!
So when the family decides to go camping, he sneaks along for the fun. But when Frisky and Charlie get lost in the woods, can a duck, a crazy squirrel or a mysterious cat help them find their way back to civilization? Or will they have to become as wild as these strange new creatures?

Adventure Four
Charlie Goes Camping

A bundle of trouble!
That's what Charlie discovers is living with his family as a crazy kitten comes for a visit. When a little boy needs their help, Charlie finds himself having to be a teacher, friend, and even hero to this curious visitor. Will they get there in time to save the kitten's happy home, or will he become a sad but permanent visitor?

Adventure five
Charlie and the Kitten

Can a cat save the world?

Charlie is about to find out. When sinister forces try to interfere in the life of ordinary cats and the people they love, it falls upon Charlie to figure out what's happening and how to stop it. The action is non-stop as everyone's favorite cat ends up paw-deep in another wild adventure.

Adventure six
Charlie the Spy

Is an ancient curse causing chaos?
When an exotic dog shows up with a problem, Charlie just can't resist going on another adventure. At a museum filled with Egyptian artifacts, he learns a lot about his ancient origins, but he can't figure out what's causing the strange events that are taking place. Is an age-old curse responsible for the spooky occurrences, and if so, will the evil follow him home? Charlie will need to use all of his natural abilities plus a little bit more to solve this mystery.

Adventure seven
Charlie and the Curse of the Pharoroh

Cat-apult into adventure!

Charlie never wanted to be in a cat show, but somehow, here he is. Now he's facing weird looking cats, wacky judges and a plot to catnap a valuable kitten. Cat shows have never been this crazy before! Will Charlie be picked as the number one feline, or end up ruining the whole show?

Adventure eight
Charlie at the Cat Show

He's back! And Charlie's celebrating the holidays as only he and his friends can. What would a cat want to be for Halloween? How can he help Frisky with her obsession to catch the Easter Bunny? Why is there so much noise on the 4th of July? And what the heck is Arbor Day? Laugh along with Charlie as he experiences each holiday as only he can.

Adventure nine
Charlie's Holiday Adventures

His name is Pedro Jose Manuel Herrera Garcia the third, but you can call him Pepe. He is a small Chihuahua who gets caught up in a big adventure. When a beautiful dog asks him to help her unravel the disappearance of an ancient relic, he ends up on a quest he never could have imagined. You will laugh at every turn as Pepe tries to figure out if he will be a hero, or if he will choke on the Golden Taco. The little dog with a big personality from the Charlie's Great Adventure series gets his own story that will make you shake like a chihuahua with joy and anticipation.

Pepe's Great Adventure
The Quest for the Golden Taco