About the author

C.A. Goody never planned to be a writer.
When her curious cat Charlie disappeared from home for five days and was found 20 miles away, she and her children became curious about what had happened to him. She sat down to write a short letter, from Charlie to her kids, about what he had been up to, and the first book in the series was born. With 9 books in the Charlie's Great Adventures series, Mrs. Goody decided to give Pepe the Chihuahua, one of the most loved characters from the Charlie stories, his own set of hilarious adventures.

Mrs. Goody lives with her family just outside Phoenix, Arizona.

Many parts of the story are true, including Charlie's hatred of riding in cars (he will yowl constantly until you let him out), his love of music and chasing flashlight beams, his ability to hug the people he loves, and his refusal to let the technician at the Humane Society give him any shots. The book was so well received by local children that Mrs. Goody began writing more stories about Charlie. She has many more story ideas, as Charlie continues to inspire new adventures on a daily basis.